How to add link thumbnail

Link thumbnails is a great way to show the icon of the link and capture attention of your page viewers.
To add link thumbnail you need to add many links into your ContactInBio page first.
Once you have links in your ContactInBio page, click on edit icon that looks like pencil. The page with editing form will load, scroll down to "Link thumbnail".
Click on "Choose file" and upload the icon. Recommended size is 150x150px. Then click on "Upload thumbnail".
Select "Thumbnail location", "left" will make it appear at the beginning of the link. "Center" will make it appear right before link text - this way it will look like an icon of the link.
Depending on "Font size" selected, select "link thumbnail size", you can test different size to make sure it fits into the link accordingly.
"Link thumbnail type" is a way how the thumbnail will look like, "circle" will show it inside of the circle. "Square" will show it as it is, without applying a circle on it.
If you would like to add a custom icon right next to the link text as it is here:

then select:
"Thumbnail location" as "Center" and "Link thumbnail type" as "Square".
Scroll down and click on "Save".

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