Creating Online Store

With ContactInBio you can easily publish your products right on your ContactInBio page and your followers can shop right in Instagram app, browse products, place orders and even pay with Paypal.

To add your products, click on "Sell". If you would like to accept online payments, click on "Enable Paypal", enter your Paypal email and click on "Save".
If you would like to ask for delivery address on checkout page then click on "Ask for delivery address".
If you would like to offer "Cash on delivery" on check out page, then click on "Enable cash on delivery".
Click on "New" to add your product.
Click on "Choose file" to upload product image. Recommended image size is 460x400px.
Enter product name into "Title".
Optionally enter description in 1-3 sentences on the product.
Enter the product price into "Product price" in USD.
Click on "Add product".

You will see the product added with its status as green circle next to it.
You can disable the product by clicking on it and then on a status toggle and then save.
After you add all products, click on "Add block" and the products will appear on your page.
Find the block in the list and move it to the required location.
To view orders, click on "Sell" and then on "View orders" button on top.

Still have questions?
Reach out to us by a live chat on bottom right corner or by sending us a message on contact form.