Adding links

To add a link on your ContactInBio page click on "Link" block.
If you want an icon to appear next to your link then select the icon from the dropdown. This icon is a not a link thumbnail.
Next, select your link size. Full width will be shown as a regular link, "half width" will be a link smaller than "full width". For example, if you add two links with "half width" then both of them will stand next to each other on one line. "No width" size will make your link small, which means you can place multiple links next to each other.
"No width" is usually used for social media icon links at the end of the page. As on example below:

Next, type your link text into "Title". Paste or type your link url into "url:" starting from https://.
Select your link color by clicking on "color", this color will be applied on a text of your link.
"Button background color" is for a color behind the text of your link. With ContactInBio you can change all your links colors of the text as well as background of your link.
Optionally you can make your link background as "transparent" making it with no background color. This is mostly used for end of the page social media links as in example below:

As the end, select the size of your link on "Font size" and then click on Add.

Still have questions?
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