Adding Social Media Links

With ContactInBio you can add 103+ types of social media links. You can customize the link to be:
1. Full width - link will be shown as usual.
2. Half width - where you can place two links in a row.
3. No width - the most popular, as using this option you can place a lot of links in one line/row.

Background color of the link:
Color of the background is set automatically depending on which social media web site you choose from the dropdown, for example, Facebook social media link will have blue background.
You can also set the background to be transparent as it is the most popular option and will make your page look like Linktree Pro page on Free version of ContactInBio.
Link text color:
Optionally you can set the color text of your link to any you would like. It will also set the color for the logo of the web site you selected.

To add social media link click on "Messengers & Social Networks", then click on "Social Media Link", click on "Click to select social media site:" and find the web site you need.
Copy paste your social media link into "Link" field as for example "", optionally type into the "Text near icon" any text you would like the link to have as a display next to the icon. For example, "Our Facebook Page".
Select "Icon placement", where "Full width" will make the link usual with width on whole page.
"Half width" will make it 50% of the screen size. Which means two "half width" links can stand next to each other.
"No width" is the most popular for social media link as it can place many links in one row.

Next, select the font size of the text and of the link.
Select the color of text and icon of the social network.
Pick whether you want background to be transparent. If you select "yes", then the logo of the web site you selected and text you entered will only appear.

If you would like to add a social media links as in Linktree Pro, then follow this steps:
1. Select social media web site.
2. Enter the link.
3. Leave "Text near icon" empty.
4. Click on "No width" on "Icon placement".
5. Keep "Font size" as "Medium size".
6. Select your desired color.
7. Select "yes" on "Transparent background".
8. Click on "Add".

Still have questions?
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