Adding Payment Link

Payment link block is similar to "social media links" block, you can select a payment provider and add the link to that service.
Click on "Payment link - Paypal, Stripe, Shopify" block.
Select the payment provider from dropdown, for example "Stripe".
Background of the link is defined by a branding of the payment provider you select.
Copy paste your payment link or your store link into "Link:".
Optionally enter text you would like the link to have as "Pay with Stripe" into "Text near icon".
Select link size on "Icon placement". "Full width" is a usual link. "Half width" can fit 2 links in a row and "No width" can fit more than 2 links in a row.
Font size defines the overall link size including logo size of the payment provider you have selected.
In "Transparent background", if you select "yes" your link won't have background color. Only logo of payment provider selected and text you have entered will be shown or only logo of payment provider if no text was added. Transparent background is useful if you have multiple social media links and payment links in a row with "no width" at the end of the page.
Scroll down and click on "Add" to add the block.

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