Adding Image Gallery

Image Gallery Block is like a slideshow or presentation right on your page. Your followers will enjoy it as it showcases your offerings in a very interactive way.
Each slide can be also linked to any link, which will definitely help you your followers to be redirect to appropriate link faster.
Examples of usage: a real estate agent can upload recent apartments for sale and link the images to the apartment listing web site.
A service provider as make up artist or social media manager can show recent works in a carousel of images and link each image to the details of the work on portfolio.
To add Image Gallery follow this steps:
Click on "Image Carousel" block.
Under "Upload a picture:" click on "Choose file". Choose the image on your device and click on "Upload". The image is connected to 1st slide, scroll down to "Slide 1" and optionally enter the text that will appear under 1st slide and then paste the link where the first slide should be connected to.
Repeat the process for Slide 2 and other slides.

Scroll up and then click on "Add Image Carousel" to add this block into your page.

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