Adding Email Signup

With Email Sign Up block you can show a simple form to record emails of your followers on your ContactInBio page. You can connect Mailchimp and record all your email over there or you can store all collected emails with ContactInBio.

Follow this steps to add Email Sign Up block:
Open Integrations page from top menu.
On Integrations page you need to add text that will be seen by subscribing person and select storage type. Enter the text of the button to "Button text", it can be "Subscribe" or anything like that.
Under "Success Message" enter the text that will show up to the user when the subscribe button will be clicked. It could be "Thank you for subscribing!".
Scroll down to Storage and select whether you want ContactInBio or Mailchimp.

If it is Mailchimp, then you would need to provide us with MailChimp API Key. yYou would need to log in into Mailchimp and find it on "My API keys". Once you find it and paste into "Mailchimp API Key:" click on "Load lists". It will open all your lists in your Mailchimp account. Select the list where you would like to save all incoming emails.
Click on Save.
Now, open main page which on desktop and on mobile. Click on "Email Sign Up" block.
Select "Text color" which is the text that will appear on the form and button.
Then select "Button color" which is the color of subscribe button.

Now click on "Add" to add the email sign up block.

Still have questions?
Reach out to us by a live chat on bottom right corner or by sending us a message on contact form.