Whatsapp & Social Networks Block

One Bio Link. Unlimitted Possibilities.

A Whatsapp block is a button that will help to reach your Whatsapp number quickly. By clicking on a Whatsapp messaging button it will immidiately will open Whatsapp app with your number and a message inserted into a message box.
Insert your mobile number with available active Whatsapp account and insert text you want your audience to send you, see example below:

one click Whatsapp messaging
Type your mobile number and text you want your customers to send you autimatically.
one click Whatsapp messaging
On video above you can see how it works, on clicking on button it will immidiately will open Whatsapp with already set mobile number and message.

A Social Media Button block will open your social media page. To enable it, just select social network from list and then copy paste the link to your social network page.